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Nowadays China becomes one of the hottest market places all over the world. From the viewpoint of the investors, China seems to be the most potential market with the huge market and attractive economic situation. The apparent result is the increase in number of foreign investments put into China, besides that the Chinese government also releases some favorable policies to attract the investment from overseas. For the foreign investors who want to get into this fruitful market, it is necessary to have the general information what is going on in the market, the situation of the market and culture issues. This paper will give some ideas about the market situation in China as well as some issues related to how to do business in China.



People: With the giant size compared to other nations, China is more than a country; even the U.S is contributed by 50 states united under the Federal Laws but still each state has its own rules to govern its citizens, but a convergence of many states under one legal system, one name which is People's Republic of China. Of course, it would create more difficulties for China as a whole in the field of governing the country with the size of whole Europe continent regarding of variation of 56 ethnic groups. From the business point of view, the diverse of languages and social customs changing from region to region is seen as one of the awkward situations for investors in the case of expanding business over the country. The dialects should also be recognized; when moving from one region to the next one, people are using the same language but with different dialects. With the population of 1.3 billion, China is the most ideal market for foreign investors...