La Confidential As A Post Modern Film

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American History X American History X is a movie by that shows how corrupt racism is. A majority of this film is shown through the eyes of two brothers who are involved in a White Power gang. Their father was murdered by an African American while doing his job as a firefighter. This is where the anger and hatred began. One of the brothers, Derek, was sent to jail for killing two African Americans. While in jail he gets a name for himself with a similar type of white gang. However, he gradually learns what the white supremacy is all about and it changes him forever. In jail, he was turned on by his own kind and was jumped and raped. That's when everything changed for Derek, permanently. Three and a half years later he's released and determined to get his younger brother out of the gang. It wasn't easy but once he talked to him about what happened in jail he got his point across.

Yet, the very next day, Danny, his brother was shot and killed by an African American. Derek puts all the blame on himself.

Although this movie appears to advocate White Power in the beginning, by the end you realize how pointless and ignorant racism is as a whole. It's disgusting that people could hate someone just by the color of their skin yet it is a problem that needs to be addressed. Through violence and hate this movie depicts just how stupid violence and hate are. For example, when Derek killed those two black men nothing good came out of it. He just ended up in jail. There he served nothing but hard time. He disrespected the minorities by getting involved with the White Power gang and he abandoned his own when he...