The Conflict

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It was by far the most conflicting time period of my life. I was a young adolescent, torn between a friend and a girl. It was the summer following my junior year of high school and was having the time of my life day in and day out with my friends. This utopian life came to a halt, sooner than I would have liked unfortunately. Ironically, the detriment to my happiness was from a girl, which under normal circumstances adds to the fun instead of taking away from it. The other perpetrator was a close friend of mine. I suppose I should not put all of the blame on them. My feelings and actions landed me in the mess I was in.

It all began innocently enough. My friends and I were all at a party. We had been drinking for quite some time and at that point we had all had enough of each other and the main focus had turned to girls.

The numbers had died down and the only remaining people were my friends Chris and Eric, along with two girls, Katie and Kelly. Thankfully, Chris was never much of a ladies man, so the ratio was even-two guys and two girls. But, one of the remaining girls, Katie, was one of our close friend's ex-girlfriend. I had thought many of times to move on my attraction to her, to act on the internal desires I felt for her, but my morals always stood in the way. This night, there was too much booze for morals. Without a hesitation in the world I offered her a spot in the spare bedroom and she happily accepted.

I will say though, when we knew we were safe and had time alone together it was the best times of my...