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My grandfather Peter was a great man that would do anything for me. I live with my mom and my two sisters and unfortunately they don't share the same interests as me. From when I was very young I was full of energy. I would want to play sports or run around all day if I could regrettably no one would supervise me except for one person my grandfather. Although I don't live with my grandfather he has spent more time with me even more than my mother. Everyday he would drive from his house to my house with his car very early in the morning to play with me.

As I grew older I began to know how to appreciate what a large impact my grandfather has made in my life. If it weren't for him I wouldn't be a very athletic boy or like to go outside a lot, I would just be like one of those obese children that are so common in our age now.

I owe even my life to him since I would rather die than live a life without sports. In my eyes my grandfather is like a savior to me and this is why I try to repay the only way I could which is spend time with him. Even when I have a couple of hours of free time I would take the bus to his home to keep him company to try to repay him for all the great things he has done for me.

One afternoon I had early dismissal from school and had some free time. As usual when I had free time I would go to my grandfather's house. When I arrived I noticed that he wasn't feeling very well. I helped him measure his temperature...