Conflict Management Styles

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Conflict is one of the most destructive behaviors in business around the world. Conflict is a reality that all business need to recon with, it is a natural result when people with diverse personalities and skills work together. Conflict is not a matter of winning or losing, it is a matter of degree and that workplace conflicts can have positive outcomes too. Company wide we often manage conflicts using collaborative and problem solving approaches, however, there are times when individuals use avoidance to resolve conflicts among themselves too. According to the OB Skills Workbook, Assessment 20, my personal conflict management preference is using accommodation or smoothing, and compromising strategies. There is no common strategy that matches between my company however I want to change and is in the learning stage of being a collaborative conflict solver.

In a workplace, conflicts are unavoidable, they are bound to happen, managers and team leaders can spend great amount of time dealing with conflicts.

The most prevalent style of conflict management used in my company is collaboration and problem solving which lead to a breakthrough in the work process flow. For example, in my company, there are two departments that work very closely together. These two departments are called the allocations and final inspection (finals) departments. What allocations do is assigning what we called factory number to every order that we receive, and the final inspection group would then check to see if we have the item in stock. If so, finals are responsible for packing it and have it transferred over to the shipping department. Often times, allocations and finals would get into an argument regarding items being allocated to an order but not yet shipped out to the customer. Both finals and allocation department realized that there was a problem, and something...