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Congo The book Congo contains many important characters and like in all books there is a conflict between these characters. The type of conflict in this book is an external conflict between man and nature. With all conflicts come antagonist and protagonist. There are many antagonist and protagonist in this story. The protagonist consist of an ERTS field team lead by a brilliant Woman named Karen Ross the other protagonist is a primatologist named Peter Elliot. To describe the protagonist in this story seeing as there are many you would have to describe the leader or main character. The main protagonist in this story is Karen Ross the leader of the ERTS field team. Ross has many unique qualities and characteristics including fast thinking, advanced intellect, and the ability to lead. She shows her fast thinking when she is able to build a field research team and come up with a major distraction to throw off the other consortiums in 36 hours.

She shows her intellect by mastering mathematics at the age of thirteen and last of all she shows her ability to lead when she manages to lead the ERTS team in and out of the Congo. The Antagonist consists of the challenging consortiums and the gorilla like animals in the Congo. Both played a huge part in the story. The consortiums were reaching for the same goals as the ERTS team, which was to recover blue diamonds, which were valuable to computer technology. The other consortiums were very sneaky. They proved this when they were able to bug the ERTS airplane. The gorillas proved to be as dangerous as the other consortiums. The gorillas where highly advanced dangerous animals. These gorillas proved to be highly advanced by being able to fashion weapons and teach one another...