Consolidated Transition Plan.

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Consolidated Transition Plan

There are many factors that need to be considered when undergoing a merge/acquisition. The factors that are most important are outlined in this paper. Organizational behavior issues, mostly dealing with motivation, motivational theories, human resources policy merging, and the transition plan are all discussed in this paper.

Organizational Behavior Issues

Several organizational behavior issues should be considered when facing a merger/acquisition. These issues include motivation, leader behavior, interpersonal communication, group structure attitude development and perception, change processes, conflict, and work stress. While all of these issues are pertinent, the most important issue that needs addressing in an organization is motivation. Motivation is defined as "the willingness to do something and is conditioned by this action's ability to satisfy some need for the individual" (Robbins, 2001, p. 108).

Issues and the Human Element

Some issues that could potentially cause motivational problems include cultural differences between the old and new company, employee opposition to change, different management styles, job security issues, and changes in group dynamics.

Also, organizations should expect employees to exhibit the natural human reactions of fear (job security), resentment (cultural differences), and anger (stress caused by the acquisition). Each of these issues can be resolved if an effective motivation plan is developed.

Impact associates (2003) emphasizes there a several issues and human elements that arise from a merger/acquisition. They are as follows:

1)Lack of Communication

2)Conflict with merging HR Policies


4)Increased absenteeism and turnover rates

5)Conflict among employees concerning the right way to do the job

6)Employees challenging authority

7)Loss of leadership

8)Compensation package that doesn't correspond to company goals/objectives

9)Poor job performance

10) Inadequate feedback to/from employees

11) Incompatibility of corporate leadership

12) Non articulated values

These are just some of the issues a corporation will face when going through a merger/acquisition. It is...