Consultancy report for upland farming a DSS

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Executive Summary

This report is about the implementation of a DSS system to help a vegetable business D E Reid Produce over come their problems with soil erosion. DSS are generally interactive information systems that provide information and tools for analytical work in semi-structured and unstructured situations. It can be used first to predict annual soil water erosion risk, for both the existing situation and can predict the projected effects of proposed land use practices. IT will also help D E Reid Produce to find a more conservative cropping practice with its financial consequences. The DSS will be implemented from the initial data of the problem of erosion. The DSS is intended to be used by farm advisors and others when consulting with a farmer on adoption of a conservation cropping systems. After having the necessary input data from the user, the DSS will examine rules and databases and then it will estimate the potential annual soil loss, in terms of soil water erosion.


The significance of the report: Was to choose a company that I was familiar with that is using or needs to use a DSS and then find out as much as possible. A report had to be written stating what the company is, what they have developed in the form of DSS and why and how they have.

The source of information: The information for this essay was obtained from though reading of modules over the past few weeks. It was also gathered from websites and textbooks.

The scope of the report: The report in whole covers a broad range of objectives concerning D E Reid produce and DSS.

· Organisation background, what is the organization, its reason for being and what the problems are?

· Major issues from a DSS perspective such as...