Consumer and Organisational Buyer Behaviour

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Executive Summary

Nowadays companies are trying to know more about their current and prospect customers. The right tool to understand the customer is via the Consumer Behaviour. The report comprises a detailed report of an analysis of a person prior, and after purchasing a new car in Sydney - Australia. The findings from the respondent were collected through an interview and these findings are tried out against the theories of Consumer Behaviour.

It turns out most of the theories are correct and can be applied in the actual world. However, since the research was conducted only to one person, it may not represent the whole segment of the respondent.

After the research was completed, the author of this report recommended a few suggestions for the car company. In overall, it's about improving the quality of product and level of service. The company also needs to maintain its competitive advantages so it'll stay as the market leader in the car industry in Australia.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary1

Table of Contents2

1.0 Introduction3

1.1 Background3

1.2 Objective3


2.0The Industry4

3.0Consumer Behaviour4

4.0The Market6

4.1 Demographic6

4.1.1 Market Segmenting6

4.1.2 Market Targeting7

4.1.3 Market Positioning8



4.4Family / Group Influences and Cultural10

5.0Buying Decision Process10


7.0 Suggestions11



1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background

In this globalization era, companies are competing not just local rivals, but also competitors from all over the world. Supported by technologies that keep evolving and advancing in daily basis, companies are trying to better understand their current and prospective customers. Understanding what really matters for customers is one of the key elements for a company to survive and strive. By knowing the consumers behavior, companies can make any necessary adjustments in their products, services, and marketing tactics and strategies to give...