(Contrast and Comparison Essay)TO BYPASS OR NOT TO BYPASS

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In Dr. Lawson's Class on Tuesday, February 1, 2005, part of our time was spent discussing "Discrimination" and if we had ever experienced any in our lives. On one hand, I wanted to talk about my experiences and on the other hand, wanted to disappear into a corner at just the mere thought. I chose the latter.

What comes to mind when you hear the word "Discrimination"? Some people might think about the American Indians or people of Jewish heritage, who were practically annihilated to near extinction by the "White man" and Adolph Hitler. Others might think about the brutality and injustices perpetrated against African Americans.

No matter whom you ask the word, "Discrimination" has a different meaning to everyone. Have you ever associated the word "Discrimination" with the word "Fat"?

I have experienced "Discrimination" in my life. No, I am not African American, Jewish or even an American Indian.

You might ask yourself, "If she is not any of those, how in the world has she ever been "Discriminated" against? I have been picked on, bullied, beat up, shunned, and denied jobs, just for being "FAT".

I am thirty-six years old and have been living with the label "Fat" all my life. I have tried every diet imaginable, from Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers, to no avail. I have modified my diet so many times that my stomach never knows what it will get next. The miles on the treadmill, the laps in the pool and the endless sit-ups have left my joints aching from over use.

Since I have been unable to loose the weight the old-fashioned way, I am considering gastric bypass surgery. The only decision I am left with is, which type of gastric bypass surgery is right for me.

The most popular weight loss surgery...