Control Mechanisms.

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KRCC and Associates is the year's newest informative consultation company for corporations interested in improving management skills. Founded in 2005, KRCC and Associates offer wonderful consultations to companies that want to ensure success in management theories and practical applications. KRCC and Associates is going to evaluate four corporations below in regards to control mechanisms. As companies grow larger, they become more formalized and standardized. In order to guarantee efficient flow of information, rules, and polices, KRCC & Associates will assist your company in developing the appropriate control plan. After evaluation, KRCC and Associates will identify similarities and differences for all four corporations.

Evaluation Number 1:

Company: Avon Products

Avon products management/ company structure of control mechanisms is that of the bureaucratic format. Through intense implementation they have utilized the "control cycle" from which Avon bases their structural adherence to directive driven applications. There are four steps too their applied control cycle they are: "1.)

Setting performance standards, 2.) Measuring performance, 3.) Comparing performance against standards and determining deviations, and lastly 4.) Taking corrective action." ( , Management: The new competitive Landscape, Thomas S. Bateman/ Scott Snell.) These applied action sets allow Avon to effectively delegate control issues and concerns from which overall success in production and customer service is obtained.

Avon Control Mechanisms:

1.) Utilized control cycle for overall company initiative/ directive success ratio of completion.

2.) Management guided feedback to employees/ business units. (Senior office to local operations)

3.) Internal & external audits, implemented to ensure proper records of critical nature are properly documented as well as totaling all year to date book records of expenditures.

4.) Implementation of Concurrent field base Tactics. Initiate employee understanding of importance of each individual portion of company doing their part so that the overall operation will succeed.

5.) Future oriented control measures,