Could this be the a level paper of 2004?

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Could this be the exam in 2004?

Business Studies Unit 1 June 2004

1.Read the extract and answer all parts of the question which follows.

"The starting point is usually an idea for a new business. Often this stems from a thoughtful look at (or analysis of) your local area. Is the district lacking a photo processing outlet, a shoe repair/key cutter or a Pizza Hut? If so, perhaps it is time one opened up. Or is there a new idea which could be marketed, such as a video rental shop with computer touch-screens on which you could, for instance, find all the films made by De Niro, plus a synopsis of the plot..."

Source: Page 134 A-Z Business Studies Coursework Handbook by Ian Marcouse, Chief Examiner


1.List three main items that would appear in a marketing plan for a video rental shop. (6 mks)

2.If the price of videos was £2 a night and 100 were hired a night, what would be the increase in revenue if the price fell to £1 and 300 videos were hired? (6 mks)

3.List three products that Pizza Hut might be expected to sell. (3 mks)

4.Identify THREE factors that would suggest that NOW is a good time to open a Pizza Hut in your area. (6 mks)

5.Outline THREE main sources of new idea for a business. (9 mks)


Read the extract and answer all the parts of the question which follows:

"Text book theories are all very fine, but knowing when to apply them, and when not to, is a special skill which case studies assess well. For instance the textbooks may say that people are better motivated by a democratic leader, which is generally, but not always correct. On board an...