Counseling Theories If you were a counselor what classical theories would you use to counsel someone

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I still don't fully understand how people use counseling to solve their personal problems. My guess is the doubt holed up in their minds is removed by a second opinion.

My ignorance probably affects my choices as well. I wouldn't choose just one school of counseling instead I would take parts from two of the schools and make my own biased form of counseling. I say biased, for the reason of not having any experience in the field whatsoever. (With the exception of this class) Also its not really my opinion because I happen to agree with the self help concept and the anti-psychiatry stance taken by William Glasser.

The theory I like the most is out of Carl Jung's Philosophy, "If it works use it." Although the previous statement leaves little to work with at least it's a start. That statement would be the founding principle of my school of counseling.

I was particularly fond of the transactional analysis theory but, if someone knew the ins and outs of TA I feel they would be able to be rather manipulative. So instead of creating someone like that I will go with Gestalts and Glasser's therapy methods.

The actual process would be taken from the experimental chapters of the book using the main idea from Gestalts practice in therapy. Move from dependence to independence. Gestalt uses techniques that seems to make the client realize the error of his or her own ways and come up with a conclusion based on what they learned. In my opinion its best described in the Chinese Fish Proverb (You all know the one).This method ties in with my belief that we should all help ourselves to shape our personality in our own ways. It also concentrates on the here and now which makes...