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Courage I use to think that courage is something like being able to pass a glass cage full of spiders. Then as I got a little older and smarter, I figured courage is when you're brave enough to go on big roller coasters.

When I was little, I use to be afraid of this horrible mean gray dog. I heard stories about this horrible mean dog; I heard that he killed a smaller dog. The sad part was that the dog just lives one house down from my house.

One time my older sister Amy was walking home from a friends house and got attacked by that dog. The dog bit her leg so hard that it bled all the way home, mom had to take her to the doctor to get it checked out.

The dog's owner didn't do much about it, but paid for the doctor bill.

She was a weird lady, we hardly ever she her come out of her house. Her house even looked hunted. The mailman told us that he hates delivering mail there, because he's afraid of her and the dog.

Ever since my sister got hurt I would take the long way home. It would take me forever to get home, but no matter what I took it. Then one time I just thought that I had enough of that horrible mean dog. Right before I got on the block near the dog's house, I picked up three rocks. By the time I was walking by the house, I felt relief thinking he was in the house. As soon I turn my back I heard him barking and charging up to me. So what did I do, I started running of course. As I was running I realized that I the rocks, so I turned around and threw them. I missed the first two times, but I nailed him on the last one. They always say that the third time is the charm. Since then, he never really bothered me.

On that day I faced what at the time was my worse fear. I conquered by standing up to the dog. Some time in life the greatest courage comes from the moments you are scared. At the time you do not think is courage until someone else recognizes what you have done. They tell you that your brave and courageous, when you really feel scared instead. When you face that scared feeling, which is my personal definition of courage.