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A man named Eddie Rickenbacker once said, "Courage is doing what you are afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you are scared." These words of wisdom play a big part in our society today, as well as in the epic, Beowulf. The events one-year ago, on September 11th showed the world many courageous men who risked their lives to save others, when fear overpowered many others. Beowulf also goes through many battles where he is scared, and knows that he may lose his life. He still went through with these battles, however, which makes him courageous in the eyes of his and the king, Hrothgar's men. All courageous people know that by putting fear on the back burner, innocent lives may be saved, and it changes the person, because they overcame an obstacle that held them back previously.

Everyone has been courageous one way or another at least once in their lives.

It could be as simple as standing up to a bully in school for a friend. Courage could be put in the same category as bravery, because they both deal with fear, and the belief that it can be overcome. On September 11, 2001, there were a lot of courageous people that risked their lives, and some even lost them. They ran into a burning building that was close to collapse, trying to pull people out. This was probably the most scared they had ever been in their entire lives, but they put that aside, and tried to help anyways.

Beowulf is a character who never seemed to be afraid of everything, but he actually is. Before his fight with Grendel's mother, he tells Hrothgar to take care of his men if something happened. He gives his sword to Welthow, and gives a...