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Dat Tran

Topic 1

The stock market crash of October 1929, known as Black Tuesday was the beginning of the Great Depression originated in the Us and quickly spread to every part of the world. This severe worldwide economic recession was occurred and lasted as the longest, most widespread and deepest crises in the 20th century. Its effects was extremely serious and dire. The Great Depression impacted on not only economy but also people. Lacking of jobs, accommodations and broken economy led people to falling into the very difficult situation.

Some photographs below were taken from the depression stage. They typically demonstrated the impacts of Great Depression on human life.

Their clothes were very dirty, stained and teared. They might starve for days or a while. We may totally realize that the family - six people in different ages - suffered with the poverty. That is actually a migrant family experiencing the downturn in 1929. The Great Depression caused many problem to people, especially the shortage of materials. There were many disadvantages to the old and children as the adult couldn't make ends meet. Malnutrition and diseases are the inevitable result. No one could imagine this happening in the US, the difficult living conditions which was seen as one of the catalysts of World War 2