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Mr. Mitch Martin

The Perfume Company

98 Ellen Street.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3a 1S8

Dear Mr. Mitch Martin:

I am writing this letter to return the perfume that I ordered last week. Unfortunately, I received it damaged, the sprayer did not work.

Before four months on March 3, I ordered "Celine Dion's perfume", I received it and it was perfect. And before that in about six months I ordered two perfumes;

"Paradise", "Echo" and "Premier Jour", and all of them were good and there was nothing wrong with them.

Since this is the first time I receive a damaged product from your company, I would like to ask you please, to exchange it with another "Celine Dion's Perfume". But if you do not have any in stock, please refund my money.

I would like to thank you for your time. I am looking forward to receive the perfume I ordered.

Yours sincerely