Creating an Organizational Paradigm

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AbstractThis paper submitted by the learner proposes a re-design of Company XYZ ( XYZ), a small marketing agency looking to stay competitive, and profitable in a demanding professional services industry. This paper recommends XYZ to downsize its operations in order to grow. Growing through downsizing is a new paradigm for XYZ organization that prides itself on past successes of being Ohio's largest woman, minority owned marketing public relations firm. Successful leadership and organizational effectiveness requires acquiring additional knowledge, skills, and abilities (Herman & Reichelt, 1998). This paper addresses the need for cross-training quality employees so the jobs will fit the employees' expertise to be effective while working with a downsized organization. In addition, this paper will include a forecast and evaluation to help the organization continue to thrive during the organizational paradigm shift.

Organization OverviewResearchers are indicating that the organizational design engaged by a company can have a major effect on its performance characteristics.

Scott (2003) states, "the organizational structure is viewed as a means, as an instrument, which can be modified as necessary to improve performance" (p. 36). A paradigm shift in business is taking place for the 21st Century as companies designed during the 19th Century need new models to work efficiently. Theories that date back to the industrial revolution need updating with an infusion of innovative ideas. Symon (2001) references a paradigm shift-taking place by the end of the 20th Century due to product diversity and intense competition in other areas outside of the industrial ear of mass production." Thomas Kuhn (1996) details, "Paradigms gain their status because they are more successful than their competitors in solving problems that a group of practitioners has come to recognize as acute" (p.23).

Company XYZ is a certified female-and minority-owned business established in 1988 in Houston, Texas. XYZ relocated its...