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We all have something to say. We are important and have different experiences and ideas and want to share them. We don't want to share them just with a friend or a relative, but the entire world. How do you do that you ask. Simple. You don't go and call everyone you know over the phone or you don't mail your ideas out. This is way too time consuming and expensive. Instead you decide to make yourself present on the Internet. Though, creating web pages can be an involved process. So that is why I will not go into all of the details, but instead I will introduce to you the most important ideas, and explain what types of tools and resources you need to make a home page of your own.

Some of the tools or programs that will be need are an editing program to create and modify HTML files, a knowledge of HTML and common web techniques, a source of pictures and other images, and a graphics program to manipulate images.

If you do not understand any of these, do not worry. I will explain further in the reading.

The first thing to decide on is what type of information that is to put up. The next thing is to figure out whether a web page, one single page, or a web site, a bunch of pages, is the proper device to hold all the information. It would be best for people who are just starting off to start off with a web page. For the person who knows what they want and have more than just a couple things to say, the web site is the way to go. Some of examples of what people put up on a page or site are photos of themselves,