A Creative Research paper on Abortion.

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On a Monday morning, about two years ago, a boy named Joseph woke up and got ready for school just like any other day, but little did he know his life was about to change. That day while he was at school he saw his girlfriend Jennifer like he did every other day, this time she had a strange look on her face and said, "Joseph we need to talk after school." So, two o'clock came around and the bell rang for school to let out. Joseph went and found Jennifer so they could walk home together and talk. As they started to walk Jennifer said, "I think we should sit down to talk." As they sat down Jennifer began to cry and put her hands on her face. Joseph asked, "What's wrong baby." She responded, "I'm pregnant." She told him that she wanted to keep the baby, but he didn't want to.

He did not want to have a kid at sixteen and ruin his life but there was nothing he could do because only a woman can choose to have an abortion. So he finally decided to agree with her since she was going to have the baby either way. So he went to talk to her about what they were going to do once the baby was born, but she said she was going to make all the decisions about the baby without him. Now she would get to decide whether to keep the baby after it was born or put it up for adoption and Joseph once again could not do anything.

Nine months later the baby was born and Jennifer decided to put the baby up for adoption. For that Joseph could not forgive her no matter how much he loved her. This devastated...