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I was hastily awoken in the early hours of the morning to find myself as a giant spider, lying on my bed with eight hairy legs around me. As I opened my eyes, I saw, in disbelief my family standing around me; staring. This seemed to me like a horribly weird dream, so without further thought, I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

Some hours later, I woke up to find that I had overslept school. I was completely and utterly devastated that my alarm clock did not go off for such an important occasion. Despite the fact that it was set correctly, somehow I didn't hear the sound, in the end, I concluded that it was better to be late to school than never show up at all.

In an uncoordinated fashion I slowly rose from my bed and headed towards the bathroom, I seemed to be shorter than normal, and "¦of unusually dark complexion.

Another thing I found odd was, I couldn't see myself in the mirror, could my horrible dream have actually been true, could I be a spider? As curiosity would have killed me, I quickly scuffled to my parents' bathroom in which I would find a larger mirror. To my surprise, instead of seeing my human self, I saw a giant hairy spider. I stared at my reflection in disbelief for something close to 10 minutes, after which I still couldn't believe the transformation I had undergone.

After the shock, and mixed emotions of discovering my new body, I had become quite hungry. As I strolled into the kitchen I was to find, my parents, who looked like they had seen a ghost, my uncle, clutching his shotgun and my aunt who was acting like she had seen this all before.

My hunger instantly disappeared, and prior to my uncle noticing, made a dash to my room. They had noted my presence and followed, though after I entered my room they had retreated. I thought it would be a good idea for me to lay low for a while, to prevent drawing attention to myself. All I could do is discover my new body's qualities from which I revealed my amazing web making skills. My webs were of a size, which could trap a grown man in which I, got tangled. After carefully untangling myself of my web, I decided to get ready for school, as if everything were normal.

In preparation for school I faced a dilemma, I didn't fit into my school uniform, I had only one pair of shorts, and one pair of socks. I would look absolutely ridiculous, so I was forced to chose against going to school. Being stuck in my room, I had to make the most the resources I had, so I decided to climb onto my bed and lay there for a while.

I now found my bed uncomfortable, it was so small and unsupportive, so I clambered up onto my web, which was much more suitable for someone of my calibre and rested. Again my sleep was interrupted, but this time by a great pain in my lungs. I was finding it difficult to breathe, and for that matter move. I wanted to hide but I couldn't, I wanted to run, but I couldn't either, I was helpless on my web. With great pain and difficulty I lifted my head to see my sister with something in her hand.

My sister never did like spiders, nor did she recognise me even when I was waving at least six legs at her. She had a can of bug spray in her hand, and was spraying it at me. How could she not recognise her own brother? I started to feel a sensation of numbness, and darkness, the pain was growing greater and I was beginning to feel more and more isolated from the world. After what seemed like eternity, the pain stopped; I had passed away, the bug spray had done its lethal task.