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Got Heroes?

What is a hero? Who or what makes a person a hero? Was it their intent? Ultimately the two can only be judged and labeled by he who views such people and their actions.

Michael Jackson and Adolph Hitler have the characteristics of a hero and I admire them for this. Though many people see Michael Jackson and Adolph Hitler as the lowest possible part of the human phylum; for every one knows their name and a piece (good or bad) of what they have done in their lives. However selfish, confident, immoral, and independent their actions were they strived for greatness and success. It is self-evident Michael Jackson and Adolph Hitler have accomplishments (as monstrous as they may have been) that far exceed those of the many heroes we hold dear to us today.

Michael Jackson and Adolph Hitler met many of the impossible goals that they had set for them selves.

Each time was setting higher and higher standards for success. Michael Jackson is known for his world renown dancing techniques and famous hits. Michael Jackson also named "The King of Pop" because he is the icon for many aspiring musicians' whether they are big time or just starting out. Adolph Hitler over night single handedly turned a starving poverty struck country in to a striving, productive European super-power. Not the mere fact that the Fuhrer (Adolph Hitler) brought 10,500,000 more people (7,000,000 Austrians, 3,500,000 Sudetens) under his absolute rule made him the Man of 1938.

Michael Jackson and Adolph Hitler are both ridiculed and called monsters in the eye of the public. Do to vicious media paparazzi, Michael Jackson is seen as a pedophile and said to have diddled little boys. Because of these accusations influenced by the paparazzi many people speculate Michael Jackson...