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I froze, engulfed by memory. As the translucent blue sky hypnotized me, I felt the red earth crumble underneath my feet. I watched as my feet gently lost grasp of the ground. I was delicately hauled into the sky, my body, weightless. I was now flying. The air around me clutched my body as I soared down. A tingling sensation filled my body, as I scrutinized what was below. I was completely mesmerized by the infinite ocean, swirling and curling hundreds of metres below.

The oceans iridescent turquoise captivated me, luring my body closer to the water. Craving to feel its cool, refreshing texture. Closing my eyes and focusing on the soft, warm wind playfully pushing against my body as I soared through the sky, it wasn't enough.

The vibrant presence of the sun was overpowering, accumulating with heat I drew my gaze back upon the ocean and began to drop.

Butterflies filled my stomach, as I dived hundreds of metres. Squeezing my eyes shut my physique took the plunge receiving an abrupt change to environment. I was hugged by the oceans cool, wet body holding me tight like a mother to her new-born child. Buoyantly swirling and curling I became a wave in the ocean.

As the wind took control of me, rocking and swaying I began to perform flips with ease. Continuing to tumble and roll I grew dizzy and my eyes were forced open. The searing salt water entered my eyes, stinging a reminder that I truly do not belong here. Slowly surfacing to the top, as gravity would soon take its toll, I took in the blissful sensation for one last time.

Following my arms as they clawed to the top, infatuated by the suns attempt to break through the waters barrier. I prepared...