Creative writting piece, designed to show a monologuge "Earl's Confesion".

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A dimly lit room in north London, the near future

Earl (28) lives with his twin sister, Rebecca. Although both adults, they regress and behave like children: it is as if the clock stopped for them when they were ten years old. They are like children in a fairy tale: their innocence threatened by an evil world. Earl and Rebecca's mother mysteriously "disappeared" about ten years ago. He has no recollection of his father. The pair have been in their own fantasy world ever since. They depend on each other for numerous reasons. However, Earl is the more dominant force. He, for example, controls Rebecca's medication. This means that he subdues her greatly. He wears dirty pyjamas, vest, frayed cardigan and slippers. He is unshaven; hair unevenly hacked short; teeth discoloured; skin pale; and has heavy dark rings beneath bloodshot eyes. He is obsessed with the macabre. He acts as an historian, relaying events of their childhood to his sister.

In this speech he recalls the one and only time he did something "bad".

Earl. Well, I once had a spider. [Pause] You didn't 'cos you're a girl and girls don't like spiders [pause]. I saved up for months [he laughs]. Didn't buy a thing! No comics, no sweets,! I got all my pocket money and put it into my pocket and then went into town, by myself. You remember Mr. Brown's pet shop?...Well, I went in there and brought a big spider: tara-antulla, no...a tarantula. I put it in my pocket and left. It was massive. When I got home I played with it. It was big and hairy and had eight long gangly legs that rippled like it was being blown in the wind when I picked it up. I was scared but I...