Creativity and Innovation Worksheet

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Creativity and Innovation Worksheet

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Key Concepts of Creativity and Innovation Worksheet


Application of Concept in Scenario

Citation of Concept in Reading

Personal Experience in your Organization

There are two types of Organizational Learning -Exploration and Exploitation.

According to Jones, (2004, p. 376), Exploration involves organizational members searching for and experimenting with new kinds or forms of organizational activities and procedures to increase effectiveness.

Exploitation involves organizational members learning ways to refine and improve existing organizational activities and procedures in order to increase effectiveness.

To increase their effectiveness, Best Snacks should explore the available types of organizational learning. Examples of organizational learning would include new products and processes, which will benefit the company. They should use exploitation that would include learning new processes to improve the current procedures. They could develop new skills and organizational strategies to support these skills.

Exploration would involve "inventing new kinds of organizational structures for managing organizational resources-such as product team structures and cross-functional teams...Learning that involves exploitation might involve implementing a total quality management program to promote the continuous refinement of existing operating procedures, or developing an improved set of rules to perform specific kinds of functional activities more effectively." (Jones, 2004, p. 376)

I have used exploration to search for new ways to increase efficiency through new policy and procedures to increase performance and reduce mistakes in the payroll department.

I used exploitation to define existing procedures to increase its effectiveness.

"the process of generating new alternatives and testing the validity

of old ones." (Jones, 2004, p. 391)

Organizations should encourage experimenting because it leads to explorative learning.

In an attempt to avoid following the old procedures, Best Snacks should create a process through...