The Criminals Of Professional Sports.

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(Opinion Piece, no sources needed, check for spelling)

Drug addicts, murderers, and rapists- cell block C at (insert local prison here)? No, They are professionalathletes that little kids and some adults look up to.

Two years ago Darryl Strawberry was convicted of cocaine possession and soliciting a female police officer. Strawberry didn't serve any prision time even though he is a bigger drug addict than the crack head that lives down the street from my grandmother.

Athletes are supposed to set an example of leadership and sportsmanship, not set an example on how to hide as much weed as you can in your trunk.

For some reason athletes or famous people in general tend to get away with crimes that most of us would be thrown in jail for.

Rae Carruth, a football player, was accused of setting up a hit out on his pregnant girlfriend. It was rumored that he had killed her because he didn't want to pay any more child support.

Apparently his $4-million a year paycheck wasn't enough to support one child. For those of you that can't see the patter, he got off.

Maybe I'm crazy but aren't all people supposed to be treated the same no matter what the crime? If Payton Manning, a football player, kills someone, shouldn't he recieve the same punishment as Bob Manning, the dentist? Or does the harshness of your punishment depend on how much you make in a year?

Jimmy Smith of the Jacksonville Jaguars was arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence. He will probably end up with nothing more than a speeding ticket, and maybe an endorsement deal. Thunder Collins, the Nebraska Cornhusker's running back, was charged with beating up his live-in girlfriend, twice. Instead of jail time or even a fine, all he's...