Crisis Management and Organizational Culture

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BackgroundCrisis Management has been an ever ending issue of the 21st century. First, let's identify what is crisis management. In general terms crisis management is "facing up to a threat." In relation to business society crisis management is an organized response to unexpected events that threaten people, property of an organization, and at times operating continuity of an organization (Crisis Management & Disaster Recovery 2003). This secondary research paper will focus on crisis management dealing with business society.

In normal course of events in business society most management groups are not adequately prepare to effectively deal with crisis situations for example; fires, natural disasters, bomb threats, or any type of willful acts of destruction. A most recent example is the September 11, terrorists attacks. This historical event changed the lives of many Americans forever and proved that business communities as well as communities at large and in general are all susceptible to disasters or crisis at any time.

These disruptions can also be very costly to businesses and society in general.

Since the terrorists attacks the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2005 Disaster Preparedness Survey Report indicates that as a result of the September 11 terrorist attacks 56% of organizations created or revised their disaster preparedness plans but 45% of organizations did not (Lockwood 2005). What this means is that companies still have the concept of "it will not happen to me." This concept raises concern for risk.

Today's business world requires a well thought out plan and process to deal with unexpected crisis. Critical factors that come into play with the background of crisis management are the reputation and brand of the company and the trust and loyalty of stakeholders. The other option of course is to be prepared with proper procedures and protocols in place so...