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The author through this article has clearly understood and revealed the reasons for the poor language education curriculum. He believes that the Indonesian students are left behind due to the lack of variety and process in the their curriculum. The author also mentions reconstructing the perception of the essence of the language education, especially on the part of teachers, bureaucrats and college professors. The article also describes the perception of the students and the teachers. The students perceive only the theory of the language missing out the functional side of it totally.


The author mentions that the teachers take language proficiency for granted. When evaluating assignments they tend to focus on the substance and ignore the linguistic accuracy. This makes students assume that they are linguistically proficient.


Through the changes in curriculum to include public speaking, debates, role-playing students would be encouraged to develop critical thinking and this would create an emotional atmosphere.

In addition, when students are open-minded to accept criticism and differences it creates an environment for emotional exchange.


Language is a tool for thinking. The author feels that Language education should be redesigned in the framework of thinking curriculum, which encompasses critical thinking skills, i.e., generating possibilities, analysis, comparison and contrast, inference and interpretation, evaluation and met cognition.


The author argues that the current language education curriculum is not allowing students to think, communicate or write effectively. He also argues that the teachers, bureaucrats and college professors do not take this seriously. He feels the necessity for an overhaul.


The author mentions that non-language teachers take language proficiency for granted. During assignment evaluations, they focus on the substance and ignore the language. This makes the students believe that they are linguistically proficient and this belief is incorrect.


The author finds...