Critical Thinking Simulation.

Essay by spidaman24 August 2005

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The simulation has given me an interesting and insightful experience that I enjoyed very much. During the whole time I was reflecting on the lessons learned during the class. Although some parts of the simulation were very fundamental in essence it still provided many examples that enforced the decision-making process, plus the simulations in particular were very helpful and gave a sense of reality. The whole process was delivered through four major points that, if properly understood and employed, can greatly enhance the decision-making process in an organization.

During the course of the CSS/330 class the learning has mainly focused on the process of critical thinking and decision-making. There were a lot of course materials and supplementary articles and journals that aided in understanding of both process. In class we also learned the different tools and techniques that can be used in both process to get the best possible out come.

The four major points that were discussed through out the simulation were how critical thinking can affect some of the major decisions in a business, properly forming and identifying the problem, making the decision, and finally evaluating the decision made. By applying all these points and understanding the point, one can make an effective decision.

Some of the tools that were used to aid in making the decision process in the simulation were the criteria matrix and the pie graph. The pie graph was used to determine how important each aspect of the decision making process, like framing and identifying the problem , making the decision, then implanting and evaluating the decision. Criteria matrix was another tool that was used in the simulation. The criteria matrix enabled the ability to look at all the criteria that was involved in the problem. By doing so, one can evaluate all...