Cultural Values and Personal Ethics

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Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper

Toshira D. McCoy

University of Phoenix


Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper

Values are what we stand for and what is important to us.

Ethics are concerned with how a moral person should behave.

Ethics deal with how one defines what is right and wrong and how one should behave. Values have to do with a person's inner judgment, which guides their behavior. Our learned values guide us down the road of life and our ethical decisions allow us to distinguish right and wrong, good and bad. A person is not born with a sense of ethics. Their parents, guardians, and mentors helped instill them, which is called learned behavior.

Personal values and a sense of ethics play an important role in my personal and professional life.

My values and sense of ethics will support my decision to do as told or to stand up for my beliefs. Decision-making is influenced by one's beliefs, which in turn are controlled by the more basic, more enduring structure of personal values of the decision maker. Ethical decision-making is the ability to evaluate complex, ambiguous, and incomplete facts, and the skill to implement ethical decisions effectively. Below is a discussion of personal, organizational, and cultural values and there impact on decision-making.

Personal Values

Personal values have been shown to be directly correlated with job satisfaction, motivation, managerial success, leadership style, perceived competence, consumer choices, and both individual and organizational performance. Once we begin applying our values to the relevant areas of our lives, for instance, our physical, social, mental, spiritual, financial, and family, we are sure to make improvements. As we make those improvements, we will begin to see...