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Essay by zls January 2003

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Are you looking for a job in IT field recently? If you are, you must have suffered the poor job market environment.

I was laid off half a year ago. When I began to search a new job, I post my resume at a lot of job website. According my several years System Engineer experience in Intel, I felt I was competitive in the market, but the result was quite negative. After I post my resume, I can't believe there is almost nobody contacting with me. When I went to the website to check my resume again, I found it only be viewed several times. Few people are hiring right now. Comparing with the situation in year 2000, the hottest IT market, how can we believe all this happened in just two years later.

After I go further in the job market. I found all bosses became so fussy right now.

They asked so many qualifications for the applicants. Some looks like unreachable. For example, an ordinary JAVA developer, they could ask to know almost all the knowledge about the J2EE and additional Microsoft solution. I heard a news from one of my friends, he said, a small company opened a position for a junior software developer, in the first day, they received more than 500 resumes. Some IT manager say, we are not hiring qualify people right now, we are hiring over-qualify people.

The salary in the IT company goes down also. Same position, in year 2000, it makes 60,000 dollars per year, now, it only can worth 45,000 dollars. Some company laid off senior employees to save salary payment. Some other company they ask all employees reduce their salary and cut off a lot of company benefits. Even though, people still worried about if they will be...