Customer-Driven Quality Paper: Accenture Business Services for Utilities

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I. Introduction

In the global business world, there is business to customer types of organizations and business-to-business organizations. Accenture is a global consulting company who provides professional consultation to their clients on service quality improvement. Accenture has recently developed a new organization called Accenture Business Services for Utilities (ABS-U) is an outsourcing company that provides utilities with call centre capabilities. BC Hydro recently outsourced its call center department to ABS-U. Outsourcing has certain benefits to the organization such as less operating costs and better concentration on their customers. This paper will discuss how ABS-U provides high value quality in their relationship to customer satisfaction. It will also include a description of customer-driven quality and assessing the importance of participatory management as it relates to quality.

II. What are the Key Drivers for Accenture

The following are the key drivers that ABS-U implements to satisfy their customer.

More Customers

ABS-U's current customers are all gas and electric affiliated organizations.

In order to fit the word "utility", ABS-U could potentially expand its business into other organizations such as the telephone company, cable television and others.

More Return on Investment

ABS-U is able to help its customers by sharing their operating costs. "BC Hydro and

ABS-U signed a ten year agreement designed to save BC Hydro customers $250 million and expand ABS-U's ability to offer customer relationship management, IT, human resources, financial, procurement services, building and office management services to utilities across North America." (BC Hydro, para 1, 2003) ABS-U's customers such as BC Hydro do not need to create a call center department. As a result, BC Hydro will save money on capital costs and labour costs. In addition, BC Hydro can concentrate on their core business, which is generating and distributing power. Moreover, ABS-U provides the best service...