Dallas's Ban on Smoking: brief discussion about the recent ban on smoking in Dallas area restaurants and businesses in early 2003. Discussion of health and economic effects.

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Dallas's Ban on Smoking

Recently, Dallas city council voted to ban smoking in area restaurants and businesses. For months, the citizens of Dallas bickered back and forth about the effects of smoking regulations on area economics. These consequences, however, did not stand a chance against the main issue of public health. Health issues of the city's large population are a growing concern for Dallas's mayor and city council. The city government has the authority to regulate smoking in area restaurants and businesses at anytime to promote public health, regardless of the economic effects.

The theory that smoking is hazardous to one's health has been researched for decades. Scientists have concluded that smoking is harmful to a smoker and the innocent bystander. Tobacco and its smoke can trigger cancer, asthma, and allergies. This research has led many people to stay away from tobacco and its smoke in order to remain healthy.

No one should be subjected to potentially harmful practices. Because of this, the government has a duty to protect its citizen's health from such behavior. Very few people enjoy choking on tobacco smoke while trying to eat lunch or dinner with their family at a restaurant. Fewer wish to have the tobacco smell clinging to their clothing after grocery shopping or studying at the library.

People who smoke have that right. No one is trying to take away a smoker's right to smoke. Dallas's city government is simply regulating places where smoking is allowed in an attempt to control the damage smoking causes to people's health. Smokers are free to light up a cigarette or cigar outside, in designated areas, or in private homes.

The Federal Government has regulated many other harmful substances such as foods, drugs, and alcohol. Agencies including The Food and Drug Administration and...