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DANCER When one thinks of a male dancer, the usual stereotype to pop into one's head is that of the dancer being gay and feminine. I have to admit that is the first thing that came to mind when considering the concept of a man doing ballet. But wow did my assumptions take a halt after watching "Dancer". These men dancers that were shown in the film truly surprised me on how physical and strong one must be to dance in ballet. These same men who are said to be "soft", work out ten hours a day and are physically in better shape then most athletes in other sports. In a way they are somewhat athletes in their own right, as dancers go through very similar things athletes do like pain, as one might fall and get injured. Seeing the vigorous training that they go through makes you really appreciate what these dancers strive to do.

And that main goal, as in most ballets, is to express something to the audience and give that audience member a supernatural feeling through a perfect performance with no flaws.

The thing I really liked was how these men, which show such strength and mobility, also demonstrate their finesse and elegance. I also enjoyed seeing how much desire and heart these dancers have. The one thing that stuck in my mind about the film was the quote from the narrator about how "ballet has been compared to a horse and a cheetah". My own interpretation of this is that the horse symbolizes elegance and the cheetah symbolizes grace with precision. Overall, these stereotypes that people have of these men dancers are truly absurd and though men are similar in their styles to girls, men do have their own fashion that should definitely be appreciated.