Dante's Inferno

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Lauren Petruskie 3-24-14

The scene I depicted was the scene of Lucifer. As Virgil and Dante enter the fourth ring of the ninth circle of Hell, Virgil informs Dante that they are now approaching Lucifer. As they walk along, Dante sees souls whose entire bodies are frozen within the ice he and Virgil walk upon. Lucifer's upper body sticks out of the ice and Dante says that Lucifer is even larger than the giants he saw earlier. Lucifer also, as Dante describes, has three heads. The middle is bright red, while the one on the right is a yellowish color and the one on the left is dark. Lucifer has wings larger than any ship's sails that Dante has ever seen. The flapping of these wings causes the gusts of wind that Dante felt before. Tears and blood drip down his three faces, while each mouth chews upon a different sinner.

In the middle mouth is Judas, who betrayed Jesus. The other two mouths consume Brutus and Cassius, who betrayed Julius Caesar. Virgil then tells Dante that they have now seen all of hell. They wait and then climb up onto Lucifer's body. Dante holds tight to Virgil as they climb up Satan's body. Dante looks out from the outcropping of a rock, expecting to see Lucifer's head, but sees his legs stretching up before him, as if everything is upside down. Dante asks why things seem to have turned upside down and Virgil explains that they have passed beyond the center of the earth to the southern hemisphere. After climbing up to Lucifer's head, Virgil had to climb back down the other side of him to go back toward the earth's surface. They come out just before dawn on Easter Sunday.

At the core of hell, Dante places...