Database Environment Paper

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Database Environment Paper 1

Database Environment Paper

Database Environment Paper 2

Database Environment Paper

In the business world, the use of many different types of databases is not only

commonplace, but an essential part of day to day operations. A database is a structured

collection of information that is stored on a computer or server that allows the data to be quickly

accessed, analyzed, and allows the ability for queries to be run. The use of a database allows

businesses to greatly increase efficiency accessing data and accuracy maintaining data. The

Sacramento Capital Art Museum is currently in need of a database to accurately track the

artwork, the name of the artist, and each piece of artworks location. Before moving any further,

it is important to analyze the type of environment that you are working with.

Database Environment

A database environment describes all of the hardware, software, data, procedures, and

personnel that you are working with. It directly relates to a projects scope and boundaries (part

of the DBLC), as the boundaries are contained within the environment. Sacramento Capital Art

Museum is a relatively new museum that was established in 2012 by a group of avid art

collectors living in the capital city. As a result of this, there is not any type of established

database currently running inside of SCAM. While Excel databases have been used by

employees on and off, there is nothing that is permanently kept on a public drive. The need to

track all the artwork throughout the museum is a direct result of a piece of valuable art that was

misplaced. Currently, the museum has 20 employees, each with their own work PC. There is a

small server that is kept in house that stores the company's information and is accessible by all

work PC's...