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Day care centers, do they help or harm children? I think this is a topic that crosses the mind of all parents who are deciding whether of not their children should be attending a day care. Day care centers have many pros and its share of cons as well.

There are many good reasons to send your children to day care. You don't have to share your home with a stranger, this is something that is a major issue for some families who are reluctant to have some unknown person intrude on their privacy, such as having a babysitter or a live-in nanny. Out of home childcare is also usually more affordable if you have one or two children. The child will also have more of an opportunity to be with other children that are his or her own age. This will definitely widen the possibility of increased socialization.

The child will learn to play together with other children and increases their creative play and ability to play with other children his or her age. Another good reason to send your child to daycare is because their language development will improve. This was especially true in my case. As a preschooler I attended daycare, it was especially effective and beneficial for me because I learned how to speak the English language. As a foreign language speaker, I was able to learn English fast at day care which eliminated the need for me to take ESL classes in elementary school. Other pros include learning to separate from parents. Some children are very attached and need to learn how to detach themselves a little from their parents, which will be a need when the time for going to kindergarten comes. Some day cares even teach other languages such as Spanish