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2/6/01 Hello, I thought I would try something a little different this time around. I really enjoyed your last letter although it made me cry. It almost mad Chance cry. After reading your letter it made me realize just how much you have grown up. I am so proud of you and I already know that this situation will make you a better man. So tell me about this new place you are in. According to moma it is much better than Parish Prison. How have you adjusted? At least you get to have visitors on the weekends. I can't wait until the next time we come home so Chance and I can come visit. I know you feel like there aren't many people that support you and believe in you but I want to you to know that Chance and I support you and we love you. When this is all over I would for you to come and live in Colorado. You would love it here. There is not a lot of NIGERS and the people here are so cool. I bet it would be easy for you to find a job and our church is great. I will be sending you some stamps and other stuff from time to time don't hesitate to let me know when you need something. Moma is really looking forward to coming to visit I can tell from talking to her. Chance and I are not sure if we will stay in CO forever but hopefully we will stay here a couple more years. Once we have a baby we would like to move closer to home but not necessarily Baton Rouge or Louisiana. The next time it snows I will take some pictures outside and send you some. I know for sure we will be coming home in May for Chance's brother's graduation. What kind of classes are you taking? I am so glad you can go back to school. Maybe when you get out Chance can help you get into a College since he teaches at one here if you would like to do something like that. By the way you never told if you would be able to use a calling card if I sent you the number and the pin. Be sure and let me know as soon as possible. I feel like we are getting closer that ever before. I really miss you a lot and I regret not getting closer to you sooner. But I do love you and I am proud of you. I know Chino was probably sad that you had to move. Hopefully she will be able to get out soon so she can take care of my niece. I know everything will workout for the best. I am still praying for her and don't you give up hope or faith. Remember that there is nothing impossible for GOD. It is getting late and Chance just got home so I am going to go. I look forward to hearing form you soon. KEEP IN TOUCH.

Your Big Sister, Mechael Lewis