Death Despair Darkness

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Death - the inevitable

Despair - the loss of hope

Darkness - the escape

Death - we must accept

Despair - we must avoid

Darkness - we must embrace

Death - the end

Despair - the pathway

Darkness - the beginning

Death - everyone on this earth will experience

Despair - will affect each and every one of us

Darkness - will always be known well

We are all going to die.

Until we accept this we cannot truly live.

Death should not be feared.

The fear of death leads to despair.

By despairing we lose hope.

Losing hope, we search for comfort.

Comfort, to be found in darkness.

Darkness is the solution and the problem.

In darkness we escape.

We came from the darkness and return to it.

Death - the beginning

Despair - the process

Darkness - the end