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Deception and a Death Wish

Toren Stearns

Although the aforementioned events appear rather vague in my current state of mind, the dull drone of the air conditioner pummeling cool air like swift arrows across my sweat stained forehead seemed to make my head tumble. My world began to spin, yet I had come to an assured revelation, a pervasive truth in my mind that I knew was true - or was it? My head sought relinquishment, yet my heart for companionship; my body and soul torn apart, just like my life...

As Vanessa cautiously stepped into her chaotic third-period classroom, she felt an intriguing aura of delight, a perpetual wonder that would soon follow. She marveled at the unending parallel rows of neatly arranged desks filled with obnoxious, rowdy students. She felt strangely out of place here, for a mere month ago she had just traveled to America with her mother from France to her new home.

Vanessa took a seat in the far front corner of the room by the teacher's old aluminum desk. She reminisced about the strange posters hanging upon the wall about several vague abstractions such as "sticky notes," "newspaper articles," and "comic strips." Then, appearing out of his plush chair arose a magnificent and dominating figure. He was Vanessa's English AP teacher. As he drank from a bottle of diet-Pepsi, he muttered various phrases about genres, theses, and a world of other entities which Vanessa had no understanding of. It was like she was in an alien world, for everything in here was so much different than back in France - the town, the school, and especially the people.

"Ahhh, yes, the people," thought Vanessa. "What an arrogant and rude society. Don't they have any decency as the pay attention to their very own teacher,