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Problem solving can be approached using a step by step, analytical process to assist in the development of a plan which can be used for solving whatever situation or problem occurs. When followed, the steps to problem solving will aid in reaching logical, safe decisions for completion of the task or mission related to the problem. Problem solving procedures are detailed, time consuming and should be completed sequentially for the full effectiveness of the process. (Problem Solving, 2006) When time allows, problem solving will aid in alleviating overlooked possible courses of action or critical tasks utilized in the completion of the task at hand. One of the disadvantages of this process is that it is time consuming. Adequate time must be allocated for the process to be effective. This paper is meant to describe the problem solving steps used to assist in the development of procedures and decisions for use in problem situations.

In addition, I have related the steps to real life problems as faced while deployed in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from February 2003 to February 2004.

Step one in the problem solving process is to recognize and define the problem. This step could prove to be the most difficult in that the end state or outcome of the decision can be easily confused with some of the barriers to overcome. (FM 101-5, 1997, p. D-1) A lack of detail and information which helps to define the occuring problem can also interfere with this first step in the process. Once you have defined the problem, anticipation of likely avenues and prior preparation can begin. This process can aid your team in understanding your intentions and allow for their own process of recognizing any standing or implied procedures, gathering resources, determining any constraints and planning for...