Decisions In Paradise I

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Not all tropical destinations are view as paradise. One such place is the island of Kava that is currently going through difficult times. The Pharmaceutical Company that I will be working for will determine how it will play a role in rebuilding this disaster stricken place. In this paper, I will focus on identifying the problems, define criteria, goals, objectives, and evaluates the effects.

Within two weeks of finishing my degree in business management, I landed a job with a Japanese Pharmaceutical Company as an assistant to director of strategic planning. This company requires me to travel to another part of the world - an island country of Kava, in the South Pacific. Although I never heard of Kava I was excited and looking forward to this new job. In addition, I figured since Kava is in the South Pacific, it has to be a beautiful place. I could not wait to get to Kava to start my new job.

Upon arriving to Kava, I was in for a surprise. Kava was not all what I had perceived it to be. I quickly noticed that all the property in Kava was a mess, and this continued all the way to the company's office. It was evident that something horrible had happened to this South Pacific paradise. I finally met my supervisor Alex whom I though was the receptionist. Nevertheless, Alex told me that this island of Kava is a country in need of assistance. She then went onto explain to me the problems throughout the island.

Identify the problemsAfter hearing Alex's debriefs about Kava, I have identity the following problems. Aside from the mess of the office, is the location in Kava was a mess as well. This South Pacific island is located in the path of many potential natural...