Defining Public Relations

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Defining Public Relations

Defining Public Relations is very subjective. Type 'define public relations' into Google and you will get about 5,720,000 results. Definitions can be as simple as: "The promotion and protection of a company's image," or as complex as the 88-word sentence that the Foundation for Public Relations Research and Education came up with. It is difficult to define public relations, because it encompasses a broad range of philosophies and techniques. By comparing and contrasting three good definitions, any company can come up with a version that best reflects their own public relations department goals.

Public relations is the face and voice of a company that provides outreach to the community, and handles damage control in times of crisis. Creating and protecting that image drives the success of the company. My definition stems from the roll public relations plays in my company. At Safeway, public image is very important.

When the public thinks about Safeway we want them to think about quality groceries at an affordable price, and we want them to think about what we do for the communities we serve. The Safeway Foundation and fundraising events helps in this effort.

The media plays an important role in our society. It shapes what we think and believe to be true. Without the influence of the public relations department, many big companies would not be where they are today. Public relations is much more than an add. Marketing experts will tell you that a well-planned public relations campaign is often far more effective than advertising. It shapes how society perceives your company and what to think in times of company crisis. The public relations manager can put just the right spin on any media whether it is positive or negative media coverage.

According to our text, public relations is...