Defining Public Relations

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Defining Public Relations Paper

This paper will define exactly what public relations means to me as well as three other different sources. There will be a comparison of all the definitions in this paper as well as a contrast. Everyone has there own thoughts as to what public relations means and deals with. However not everyone knows exactly how much goes into the public relations field. Another question that will be asked and answered to the best of my knowledge is why do you think there are so many different definitions of public relations?

Public relations have always been around in the business world. Everyone has their own thoughts of what public relations do on a daily basis. I have always thought that a public relations job was an easy job and that there wasn't that much into it. For me, the public relations department was around to cover up problems that were leaked out to the media and general public.

The job is to cover it up by explaining what was done and why it was done in that fashion. I have always seen public relations as the saviors of a company or a political race between one background and another for example Republican and Democratic.

There are many different definitions for what public relations means. Below are three different definitions from different websites. Each has its similarities in ways of definitions but they also have a little bit of differences. "Public Relations (PR) - any activities or events that help promote a favorable relationship between a company and its customers and prospects; activities used to influence the press to print stories that promote a favorable image of a company and its products or services." (Gary E. Everhart) The second definition for public...