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I have always been extremely passionate about playing rugby. I competed on Andover Academy's varsity rugby team for four years, and we placed first in the state tournament during my senior year. Rugby taught me how to be the ultimate team player, as our success depended on our mutual cooperation and gamesmanship. In addition to mastering our individual skills, we challenged each other on the field, raising the level of our game. Additionally, through my role as Team Captain, I developed solid leadership skills to maintain the team's cohesiveness.

I continued my pursuit of rugby at Harvard, where I was a starting member of the campus varsity team. We competed with other Ivy League schools, placing second in two national collegiate rugby tournaments. In my senior year, we capured the Olympic Silver Medal while representing the United States in the first international rugby competition in Barcelona.

Since graduating from Harvard, I continue to coach a community college rugby team in San Diego.

In addition to improving my physical fitness, coaching enhances my sense of optimism and gives me a positive way to interact with teenagers. I love working with future rugby stars, giving back to the sport the same enthusiam, dedication and support that my childhood coaches gave me.