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Despite my successful communications career, I am most fulfilled by my passion for technology. The very first time I played with my father's computer, I was enraptured by programming, software and the Internet. By participating in collaborative international competitions like Inter-Vision and Tech-Quest, I develop my skills in a strong nurturing environment of other amateur computer jocks. Since my sophomore year in college, I've also entered my web-designs in the Tech-Quest International Internet Challenge, competing with peers from around the nation. Our collaborative exchanges offer the dynamic stimulation of a workplace situation, along with a fun way to expand my technical skills and develop lasting friendships.

My Internet passion also spawned an entrepreneurial success, As founder and President of the company, I indulge my talents in web design as part of an all-woman staff. We provide low-cost web site design and service to small businesses that are developing their initial presence on the Internet. At its inception, Femi-Design operated from my dorm room with a part-time staff of three. We now have twelve full-time employees and enjoy rapid sales growth. In my first leadership role, I brought a 100% female company to success in a male-dominated industry. While has yet to reach its apex, the company's prospects are bright.

My passion for technology offers a satisfying balance to my career in communications. In addition to the technical challenge, Web design allows me to use my unique talents in a way that benefits small, fledgling businesses. I eventually envision a career path in senior management where I can employ both skills in a corporate setting.