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I saunter into the airlock, as much as one can saunter wearing a full bodysuit and magnetic boots. I saunter with an unconcerned air of insouciance that belies the deep set, bone-chilling fear in me. I crane my neck within my suit, seeing, but not really noticing, the cans that float weightless around me, the hard metallic sheen of cold metal, the blood that pools together, suspended overhead"¦ My attention suddenly focuses and snaps onto the blood above me, gleaming wetly as if it were still fresh. Chills play up and down my spine as I stand there gazing with fascinated horror at the murky depths of the blood. There is so much blood"¦ so much blood"¦ I wonder in a detached corner of my mind whether one human can produce quite so much blood. I stand there for a second, for an eternity, rooted to the spot like a statue with my mouth agape in shock.

What could possibly have liquefied a human being in such a manner? My brain balked at considering the prospect of such an unthinkable demise.

A sudden noise causes me to curse and stumble awkwardly around, trying to find my footing on the floor. I see"¦ nothing. Just the same expanse of silver-grey metal lining the corridor all the way down to a double door at the end of the passage. I peer into the crepuscular gloom, trying to make out an outline besides the various pieces of junk strewn haphazardly around. Nothing moves, and all is quiet, not unlike the deathly silence that hangs over crypts in the dead of night.

I check again, just to make sure"¦ nothing there. I cautiously resume my sauntering pace down the corridor, struggling to regain my composure. However, against the glass of my space suit, I see the image of blood coalescing again and again in front of my eyes"¦ and almost missed the blur of motion that flashes by the corner of my vision.

Nothing there. I cautiously resume my sauntering pace down the corridor, my eyes alert now for anything that might betray the presence of a foreign threat. I reach the double doors, a beautiful construction that is at once refined with intricate designs on its face, yet cold with a metallic haughtiness that daunts me for some reason I cannot fully grasp. I pass my hand over it shyly and with some dreadful anticipation, rather like a baby who reaches out for a bright yellow flame that dances in front of it. The door glides open softly and with a sinister hiss.

My eyes are instantly riveted and captivated by the beautiful"¦ creation"¦ that looms in front of me, surrounding my peripheral vision as well. The magnificent creation that I see is very basically three concentric rings that twist and gyrate with sinuous grace, masking very well the fact that it has a huge metal ring of spikes sticking out in every direction, a veritable ball of death. I don't really care about that though. I don't really care about the room of Brobdingnagian proportions that houses the monument either. I don't really care about the flickering lights that seem to uncannily resemble a language, or the switches that cover the room like Willy Wonka's glass elevator, or the ominous, baleful beat the room seems to intone sepulchrally.

I just can't take my eyes off the rings! They mesmerise me"¦ and my mind loses control of my body. But I don't really care. What I assume must be the core of this lovely ship is tugging me along gently like a puppet master with a marionette. I follow along, having no wish to resist the call of the magnetic siren"¦ I feel its allure powerfully washing me away.

As I step closer, the three rings' orbit aligns for one magical moment that seems to extend forever, a glistening black surface forming, shining moistly and seductively. I caress it, stroking its surface lovingly, and to my thrill and delight it caresses me back. I revel in the feeling of its raw power and temptation threatens to drown me like a tidal wave.

And everything goes wrong. The gentle tug of the puppet master becomes a vicious pull of a master to his hound on a leash, and before I can utter a yell, I am pulled into its depths"¦ I have little time left except to wonder exactly what will happ "“