Destruction from Inside

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Imagine a lonely life, a failing body, losing everything, and not being in control. This is the life of a meth addict. "Loss of equilibrium, loss of memory, loss of teeth, loss of friends, loss of life -you name it, if you're using meth, you'll lose it"(Ketcham). Methamphetamine is the most dangerous drug. Users get addicted within one use. Meth destroys a person's life and those around it. It takes years for an addict to fully recover. To prevent the use of meth, the government needs to spend money. There are atrocious individual and societal effects of meth and this problem needs to be quickly addressed.

This paper is organized in three sections. The first section discusses the short and long term effects of meth use on the brain and body. The second section examines how methamphetamine has negatively affected society. This confers statistics of teens and meth. Finally, a discussion on how to prevent the use of methamphetamine concludes this paper.

To explain why meth needs to be prevented, the background and effects also need to be researched.

Meth is easy to make; it can be made anywhere. The average person has all the ingredients in their house. In the 1900's a new form of meth was created, "crystal meth or "ice." Ice is 100% pure methamphetamine, so it is much more addictive. People new to meth prefer pills. On the other hand, addicts prefer to smoke the pure form or inject it into their bodies. Pills, smoking, and injecting are popular due to the fact that needles can spread HIV/AIDS. The use of meth causes short and long term effects that can change a life forever.

First of all, the physical and psychological effects of meth begin with the first few puffs. As use continues, the effects become...