Dialogue: Night on the town

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SkitNarrator: AmandaDrunk Driver/ Birthday girl (Jasper): MarthaFriend 1(Erin): DanielleFriend 2(Rafael): JoeN: It’s a Thursday night, and Jasper’s 20th birthday. After a long week of school Jasper and her friends decide to go out to Piccadilly’s the most exciting bar on Thursday nights!* Jasper, Rafael, and Erin go into bar *E: So Rafael, Jasper, how was the first week of school, because mine was harsh?R: Erin, why are you talking about school? It’s Jasper’s birthday. Birthday shots for Jasper!!!!* Sit down at bar *E: Jasper what kind of shots do you want?J: Doesn’t matter…R: Three Peppermint Stingers please!* Everyone takes shot *N: After a few rounds of drinks the party became a little rowdy, but that didn’t stop the three of them!J: Everyone for another round of birthday shots!* Cheers, and then everyone takes another shot *N: They celebrated far into the night and early morning, until they decided it was time to leave.

However, this presented a problem, which was that Jasper had driven there. Although Jasper was clearly under the influence, she was bound and determined to drive home.

J: C’mon guys, lets go! Remember to wear your seatbelts, to take your shoes off before you get in, and DON’T PUKE IN THE CAR!!!!!!!E: Jasper, don’t be stupid! You can’t drive! You’re way to drunk like the rest of us!J: What!E: I’m not getting in with you behind the wheel.

R: Don’t be a closer Erin, get in the car, we’re leaving* Martha tries to put the key in the ignition *J: I can’t get the keys to work. It’s a sign. Let’s just take a cab. I guess I can pick up my sexy car tomorrow.

E: Okay! Great! I’ll call the cab.

R: Fine, but I’m not paying!N: In the wise words of Aristotle, the only difference between beasts and a human is reasoning. Although they drank like beats, they proved they were human by using their reasoning when deciding whether or not to drive under the influence.