Diary of an outsider

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The diary of an outsider

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2 February 2013

Dear diary...

I arrived to India at 5am this morning. We are all exhausted from the 12-hour flight from South Africa to Dubai - And now In Delhi. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the different cultures and surroundings! Of course before I left on my trip, I read up on India from books. "India - the world's most exotic destination. The land of maharajahs and the Raj, Krishna, Buddha, Ghandi, Nehru, saffron, silk and spices, towering Himalayan mountains and luxuriant beaches, ancient Hindu shrines and magnificent Muslim monuments." All I can say is whoever wrote that definition of India hasn't analyzed the country well enough! There's women and kids begging for money and food everywhere I turn, buildings falling apart, drivers hooting at any chance they get, dirt and chaos in every direction and to top it all , there's cows and elephants roaming around freely! In the midst of this mystery I decided to embrace the opportunity to learn and show my family that I am indeed not critical and ungrateful for the suburban luxury of South Africa they seem to think my brother and I take for granted.

4 February 2013

Dear diary...

During the past two days I have been touring and visiting different cities. Seeing India in a short time is difficult. Still, one can take in sights and make impressions from any stay, no matter how short. Here are my impressions of the two cities I visited:


Agra is known for being home to the Taj Mahal, the best known Indian landmark. We drove for 6 hours to Agra just to see the Taj. It is a beautiful building, a smooth white-marble palace towering above the fields. And it does take...